An active lifestyle and Liepaja are like a glove in your hand. There is also no shortage of interesting and challenging places to see. Liepaja has the only steelworks in Latvia and why not combine all this when it can be done quite simply by creating a very challenging and dynamic obstacle race in the old steelworks territory, naming it after a well-known name - "Iron Cutter" !
The 7-kilometre route will wind like a lazy snake through old metallurgical ghosts, through buildings, including a building that has already transformed from a ghastly wreck into a modern and bright business palace. There will be lots of changing elements - rails, ladders, climbs, buildings, scales and even a beautiful walkway with a wide view of Lake Liepāja! The finishing straight will take you over a 5 metre high and 50 centimetre wide bridge over nowhere, under which thousands of tonnes of scrap metal have lain throughout history, waiting to make their way to the hostile re-melting plants... An environment you can't be prepared for, but can definitely conquer.
Be brave! Challenge yourself, become a scourge to the Iron Cutter! 

- adults until 11.08.23 - 25€
- adults until 25.08.23 - 30€
- adults on the day of the race - 40€
- children 10€ (regardless of the date of entry)

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