About us

The most enthusiastic SUP school in Liepaja

Our dreams and goals

Liepaja is an amazing city and special for all of us, so we want to promote and develop SUP water sports in Liepaja and its surroundings, showing its magic in a safe way, thus promoting an active lifestyle.

Our vision is to become one of the most competitive teams in the world in this sport.

About Liepaja SUP School

Motivating environment

Our aim is to promote and develop water sports in Liepaja and its surroundings, encouraging an active lifestyle

Inspiring team

Our team is made up of people with enthusiasm and an outstanding record in watersports, who will be more than happy to help you catch that real SUP feeling

Liepaja nature

Sunsets on Liepaja beach and sunrises on the lake, they are so unique - to experience them on a SUP board is beyond words

We offer

Master the art of SUPing and take to the water like a pro!

Our team of experienced and professional water sports champions will help you create a positive first experience on a SUP board and learn different techniques to control it even in less calm waters.

If you are ready to learn the art of SUPing and conquer the waves - sign up for individual training!

We've all seen a pinkish-orange sunset, but have you seen a sunrise and waited for it on the still surface of the water?

Experience the unforgettable feeling of the first rays of the sun on a SUP board with your friends!

Feel invigorated and full of energy even before work, a busy day or an important event.

We offer everything you need to enjoy SUPing at the place and time of your choice - go on a variety of spectacular rides and bring your friends along!

Get to know our team

Get to know our passionate and enthusiastic team - the people you can trust to create your unforgettable SUPing experience

Aivis Tints

A professional canoe paddler, SUP board manufacturer for Prestol and water sports enthusiast, will also help you choose the right equipment.

Gatis Pranks

SUP trainer
Professional canoe paddler, keen SUPer - ask and they'll help you reach new heights of physical development.

Dzintars Skrundenieks

SUP instructor
Amber is an inveterate adventurer and trail runner who will take you on the most interesting routes. Want to experience something unprecedented - ask Dzintars.

Elīna Dimza

SUP trainer
Elina is our lady made of steel, you can say of her, 'show me where to run and I'll run'. She is athletic, determined and driven to succeed.

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